How To Install A GFI Outlet

When we own a home we will have many different outlets in our homes plug in devices. When it comes to rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, we will need to add in what is known as a GFI outlet for safety.

What is a GFI Outlet?

A GFI outlet is one that has a reset button on it.  This makes it safe to use in a bathroom or a kitchen with water. In the event of some sort of incident where there was water coming out of the outlet, or maybe even an electrical short, hitting this reset button will disconnect power from the outlet until you press the reset button.

When installing a GFI outlet you will want to hire someone looking for handyman jobs in lexington, ma or a professional electrician. These people will have the tools needed to do the installation correctly.

How to install the GFI outlet?

Disconnect the power from the outlet you are replacing.

Remove the cover plate and unscrew both wires that are attached to each other inside of the box. Leave them hanging loose so they will not get damaged during installation.

Grab your GFI outlet and slide it into place in the outlet box.  You may need to remove the knockout plug in order to make it fit.

Once the GFI is sitting flush with the plate, feed both wires through the hole and attach them to their correct terminals on the back of the GFI.

Put a cover plate over top of your newly installed GFI outlet.  

The process is fairly simple and can be done by anyone. The main difference between a GFI and a standard outlet installation is the box that trips.

How to avoid your GFI from tripping?

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You may have noticed that the reset button on your GFI outlet is a little sensitive.  When you are running any sort of electrical device it will trip if you accidentally bump into it with an object and hit the reset button.  It’s possible to run something through your GFI without tripping, but it takes practice and patience.