What To Do After You Get A Piercing

There are a lot of people in the world that will get earrings, piercing’s and tattoos. When they do, they will need to know how to take care of them and maintain them. If they fail to do this, then they could become infected. This is where piercing aftercare is so important.

Tip #1 – Store the piercing jewelry in a safe place

If you have just gotten your ears pierced, then it’s very important to keep your piercing in good condition. A place will need to clean and store the jewelry so that by wearing them on a daily basis, they don’t get dirty or infected. You’ll need to take them out when showering or sleeping so that they don’t get wet, dirty or infected.

While your ears are healing, you will need to keep the earrings in at all times. You can switch from one side to the other when you are getting ready for work or school and put them in again before going to bed. This will help your ears heal faster, but it will also help prevent against dirt and infections from entering your ear.

piercing aftercare

Tip #2 – Use Antibacterial wash, or alcohol

After you take out the jewelry in order for them to be replaced with new ones, you should use some type of antibacterial wash on them. This is very important as it helps prevents bacteria from growing and infecting your piercing.

While alcohol isn’t recommended, you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the area surrounding your piercing and to give it a good cleaning before wearing new jewelry. You should be careful when doing this though as using too much alcohol can dry out the skin in that area. If you do use it, make sure that you rinse it off right away and use a moisturizer so that you don’t end up hurting your skin.